Chasselas Legend - Unfiltered

A Neuchâtel specialty, the Chasselas unfiltered is becoming more and more popular over the years. And both connoisseurs and amateurs alike are in no doubt: the Chasselas Unfiltered is a wine which resplends by its aromatic and volume.

Seductive on the nose as well as on the palate, the Unfiltered has a well-characterized identity due to the fine lees still suspended inside the bottle. These fine lees bring very specific aromas but also protect the wine. The Unfiltered Chasselas will keep better over time! Believe it or not, it's the case!

The Unfiltered Chasselas expresses itself differently from the « normal » Chasselas Legend: the mouth is rounder, velvety and more voluminous. The nose is characterized by citrus-type freshness: grapefruit, lemon, even with notes of fruits such as apricot (those that we will find in the filtered Chasselas Légende). Jasmine, orange leaf and verbena bring an anthology of freshness to the nose as well as the palate.

Chasselas stemming from the plot just in front of our winery, “Le Champ du Four”, only the grapes with perfect phenolic maturity have been selected in order to guarantee an exceptional taste to this "special" Chasselas.

Tasting notes


A light gold yellow with golden reflections, an unfiltered robe and liquid tears which attest of its light character, light in alcohol.


Aromas of citrus fruits and white peach accompanied by white flowers and limestone. A light aromatic intensity.


An elegant mouth, a vivifying freshness. A middle mouth made of citrus fruit savors and a velvety finale.


Food pairing

Our Chasselas Legend Unfiltered will ideally pair with your aperitifs and will also accompany:

> White meat fishes, lake fishes
> Sushi
> Seafood
> Hard cheeses
> Fruits like white peach
> Ideal service temperature: 8 à 10 °C