Discover Bouvet-Jabloir Winery

All your best moments of life come along with a Bouvet-Jabloir wine.

It is through this hedonist philosophy that we raise our wines. Our passion: the search for the perfect harmony between pleasure and gustative memories.

Located on the iconic wine-making Commune of Auvernier since 1923 and four generations, we raise wines of "Modernition®" (modernity and tradition). The passion for our vines and wines, fruit of the family values since almost 100 years, pushes us to reach the aromatic and gustative perfection.

The 4th generation : two brothers

In 2002, Alexandre Colomb, grand-grand son of Albert Mühlematter and Ernest Isenschmid Senior, takes over the winery.

Passionate oenologist, graduated from "Ecole d’ingénieurs de Changins", Alexandre innovates quickly and imposes a new style of wines, oriented to "reasoned culture".

2015 marks a new milestone in the history of the winery, with the arrival of Alexandre's brother, Dimitri, graduated from "Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne" and ASSP professional sommelier who benefits of many years of experience in marketing and communications. 

Together, we associate our respective skills to ensure the continuity and the growth of our familial heritage.