Late Harvests Signature

> 95 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate


This blend of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris is the result of a longer (over)maturation of the grapes on their vines (for the millésime 2016, the harvest was made on the 4th January 2017!). During this period, the berries become riper and thus sweeter due to the development of noble rot (aka Botrytis cinerea). They also begin to lose water through evaporation, further concentrating the natural fruit sugars. The "nectar" is then raised during 11 months in oak barrels to enhance the aromatic complexity.

A very aromatic and sweet wine:
> A golden yellow color, intensely brilliant,
> Aromas of quinces, exotic fruits and spices,
> A soft, round mouth and very, very long finale.

Stemming from the parcel "Les Grand' Vignes" only, where the sun exposure as well as the weather conditions necessary for the late harvest maturation are ideal.

What is noble rot?

In 2016, weather conditions were ideal, with a hot Indian summer before a cold, dry early winter. Therefore, the mushroom "Botrytis cinerea", slowly "contaminated" the left berries, gently coloring them in brown.

The skin of berries having gradually become permeable, the evaporation of the water was made over four months. And, during this period, the sugar concentrated into the berries to reach levels well beyond the normal maturation. 

A potential risk

The objective of obtaining naturally a higher concentration involves a long wait and an important risk: to lose the harvest as the winter approaches! 

In parallel, this desiccation of the berries represents a decrease of around 70% of the volume of the juices, which largely explains the very low yield of a late harvest wine.